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Who doesn’t know about Panasonic? Surely, everyone knows this home tech-appliance giant. Since 1919, this company has been an estimable market member. Today with a whooping $70Bn sale in FY 2019 and with the assets of $55Bn, Panasonic tells all its star stories in the electronics world. A report says Panasonic spends around $4.5BN annually on its research and development wing. That’s the reason; you get innovative, durable, and world-class products from this organization.

As we are covering some best smart massage chairs for back pains and therapies purpose, Panasonic doesn’t disappoint here too. We have picked some best Panasonic massage chairs for those who are really into brand consciousness, extravagance, and durability.

What Panasonic Massage Chairs Offers You?

Choosing a massage chair brand might bring lots of tangling and hassle. For this purpose, the right branded chair can gratify your goal and mood. What Panasonic electronic recliners chairs offers you let’s take a look:

Brand Recognition: The Name “Panasonic†itself carries lots of expectations and respect. As it originates from Osaka, Japan – so it’s sure and certain that it holds supremacy in its products.

Greater HCI: HCI refers to “Human-Computer Interaction.†This thing is something that draws smart and natural human interaction to computing devices. So, this brand awards excellent HCI factors that allow users to become used to their chair’s configuration quickly.

Engineering Master-class: We all know Panasonic is a demon of novelty and luxury. These values reach to your doorstep with excellent engineering distinction and a master-class in its products.

Innovative Stress Relieving Programs: As massage chairs are programmed to save you from the heft of therapies and pain-relieving courses, Panasonic furnishes a prime touch to its massage programs for maximum comfort and pain relief.

Extended Warranties: Lastly, the warranty is something that wins user trust. Panasonic chairs get tagged with premium warranty periods for great user trust.

Specifically, which Panasonic massage chair models have the refinement of these factors? Set your mind at rest, we are going to cover these for you.

List of Top 3 Best Panasonic Massage Chair 2021

Panasonic EP-MA73KU Real Pro Ultra Prestige 3D Luxury Heated Massage Chair

Panasonic EP-MA73KU
  • High End Massage Chair
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Panasonic MAJ7 Real Pro Ultra Premium 3d Luxury Full Body Heated Massage Recliner Chair

Panasonic MAJ7
  • Total Body Comfort
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Panasonic EP-MA70CX Real Ultra Pro Heated Massage Chair

Panasonic EP-MA70CX Real Ultra Pro
  • 108 Massage Combinations
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1. Panasonic EP-MA73KU Real Pro Massage Chair

Panasonic EP-MA73KU


Real Pro Massage Chair

  • An easy assembly makes you able to enjoy your product with a quick setup.
  • A wide variety of manual and auto massaging combination
Panasonic EP-MA73KU Real Pro Ultra Prestige 3D Luxury Heated Massage Chair

As a matter of fact, this chair is an upgraded version of the EP-MA70 Massage chair. But what about this chair? If you are really into aesthetic things, then this recliner will be going to fill your heart with its looks and glossy finish. With complete pure black synthetic and breathable leather fabric, this chair is a treat for black color lovers and will ultimately fit into your aesthetic norms.

Typically, it has been seen that these types of massaging chairs come with bulky designs. Not with this thing as this bossy recliner is being crafted with a compact design. As the discussion just landed into a design perspective, so bud, we have another great news for you. This MA-73KU model looks like a standard furniture chair and can be placed with your conventional couches and sofas. The arm and leg section is flippable; that’s the reason it gives a general and straightforward furniture look. Compact design with typical furniture look – it seems like Panasonic is up to kill two birds with one stone. The sad part is this chair weighs 260lbs, which is too challenging to move, although the company also gives it pair of rear wheels.

On the massaging side, it is plugged with six heated infrared SL track rollers, which start from neck going all way down to toes. The massaging mechanism, as from the previous model, has gone more meticulous with the 3D massaging feature. Along these rollers massaging, 33 airbags do the compression job — also, these airbags cap shoulder, waist, hip, thighs, and calves.

At right notes, these air cells – specifically the thighs airbags just dig into iliotibial bands of your body. These bands are muscles of the side of your legs and airbags with the help of heated rollers offers to remove the tender in these sections.

The Panasonic MA73KU model hugs you with a full width back and toe’s heating feature. Unluckily, you can face a lack of calves heating system, which is a bit staggering for such a brand and league chair. Nonetheless, the foot section has an adventure of diverse massaging techniques, which is a significant part of enjoying.

With such a lack, this chair breaks the ice with its six auto massage programs.

A new addition that will capture your attention is the “Junetsu†massaging. As this EP-MA73KU model equips a 3D massaging, this newly added feature allows ten more kneading functions of 3D thumb like rubbing to specific parts of the body. Furthermore, you can alter the intensity of these massaging techniques. The health effects of this feature are for optimal relaxation and fast rehabilitation of chronic back pains.

Well, how your massaging session starts? As far as you dive into this recliner, a 3D Acupoint scanner right from your shoulders – starts scanning your aching body points. Whether you’re below 5ft or above 6.4ft, this scanner utterly scans every unique physical body.

The most important part of this chair is – the memory option. It can remember a Whoa 110 customized settings. On the top of its remote control, three buttons are featuring the USER on them. Through these top-mounted buttons, you can save massage settings for different users.

Coming to remote control, plenty of options and buttons are there, which can give you a clear and spontaneous idea that what you can do with your chair. For better assistance of your massaging sessions, there is a female voice guiding you about the massage settings. So, enjoy a “Beep-free†massaging session.


  • Wattage: 300W
  • Dimensions: 48X32X45.3
  • Massage Programs: 6 Auto and 4 Manual
  • Weight: 260lbs
  • Warranty: 5 Years
Panasonic EP-MA73KU Real Pro Massage Chair unboxing and assembling
Unboxing and assembly

Why should one buy this?

Do you admire the beauty and beast features altogether? The Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Massage chair provides excellent versatility in massage combination and intensity with superior built quality and aesthetic finish. The previous model of this chair was a hot selling piece, even with a not-first armrest design. Undoubtedly, this upgraded version derives all greatness of Ep-MA70 with improved massage features.


  • An easy assembly makes you able to enjoy your product with a quick setup.
  • A wide variety of manual and auto massaging combination
  • Extraordinary compactness and high-quality finish


  • Lack legs heating feature
  • Its weight too much

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2. Panasonic EP-MaJ7 Real Pro Massage Chair

Panasonic EP-MaJ7


Real Pro Massage Chair

  • Premium feet massage soothes all your tiredness
  • Memorize over 100 customized settings.
Panasonic MAJ7 Real Pro Ultra Premium 3d Luxury Full Body Heated Massage Recliner Chair

People with most longer sitting work shifts usually feel soreness to their neck, shoulder, low back, and feet. Panasonic MAJ massage chair is absolutely on the ball in this thought. The supremacy lies in its acupoint 3D scan system. Most of the chairs scan 90 massage points on each side of your back. Say thanks to Panasonic for this brilliant invention as this examines 540 points of human back of each side, making a total of 1080 points of a whole. This position makes this MA series model super accurate on your body.

Along with this beautiful feature, the scanner of this chair also finds the tension in your body muscles by doing a scan dozens of times per second. So are you astounded with this competence? Surely it’s a victory bell for EP-MAJ7.

Through this scan and identification of tension points, the heated rollers put accurate pressure. Moreover, you can manage the intensity and temperature of this procedure.

Do you ever know your lower neck muscle, shoulders, and sole of your feet are the most sensitive points in your body that require adequate massaging? This chair has been developed to give optimal comfort on these specific points.

Let’s start with the neck section as this chair provides the best relaxing sense at this critical point. The rollers start the job by proffering you with a deep tissue massage between the shoulder and neck muscles. Momentarily, at the lower back point, you can opt for stretching, which can give you a blend of roller and compression massage.

In comparison to its previous MA73 massage chair, this recliner influences the airbag and massage program marathon with 37 airbags and 15 versatile massaging techniques. Specifically, in stretching programs, pelvis stretch and core stretch programs are something that will grab your attention. In these programs, the rollers and airbags maneuver onto your body to suck soreness from your pelvis and back muscles.

It’s getting mention late; however, the Panasonic MAJ7 chair is mainly known for premium feet or sole massage. Usually, massage chairs don’t provide more eminent value at Feet Massaging. The foot massager can’t be converted into an ottoman in this model as it contains the foot rollers.

Human feet soles are the most delicate part of the body. From mild to deep tissue massage, at this point will flow mysterious energy into your whole body. MAJ7, with its combination of rollers and airbags, shrewdly mimics the human massaging pattern that grants you the warmest massaging life. You can experience kneading, rhythm, and whole feet massage techniques with control on intensity, speed, and temperature. Meanwhile, the calve’s heating option is still lacking in this model.

With all these positive sides and majestic features, Panasonic MAJ7 massage chairs lack a space-saving design. Consuming a minimum of 16’’ inches of space from the wall, you need a great hall to place it. So be ready to spare a considerable block of space to pet this machine.


  • Weight: 192lbs
  • Massage Programs: 15
  • Massage Program timing: Max 19 minutes
  • Wattage: 300W
  • Warranty: 5Years Parts and 3 Years Labor Warranty
 Panasonic EP-MaJ7 Real Pro Massage Chair

Why should one buy this?

For the working lads and gals who mostly undergo foot swelling and bad posture pains, they might find this one their ultimate savior. Panasonic MAJ7 is also known for its versatile lower back and hips massage. People with chronic back pains will unearth this machine as a perfect healer.


  • Premium feet massage soothes all your tiredness
  • Memorize over 100 customized settings.
  • It maintains high accuracy of tension points


  • The heating calves option is not available
  • It’s quite harsh on your pocket.

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3. Panasonic EP-MA70CX Real Ultra Pro Massage Chair

Panasonic EP-MA70CX


Real Ultra Pro Massage Chair

Panasonic EP-MA70CX Real Ultra Pro Heated Massage Chair

Unquestionably, the Panasonic chairs stock amazing lots of massage services; despite, they seldom go beyond your budget capacity. The above Panasonic EP-MA73 model is one of the most fastidious things in the market, and everyone admires it. But sadly, it cost slightly up to those people who are tight on their budget.

This EP-MA70CX model is a little sister of that MA73 model and implements the same greatness of massage in a somewhat low budget. Now the matter is not about winner or loser – not at all, in fact. Consequently, what the variance in both models? Let’s spill the bean on this matter.

When it comes to specifications like airbags, massage rollers, 3D massaging, etc.; they possess the same performance and values. The difference lies in some cosmetic and design sections and height capacity of persons. Moreover, in terms of massage programs, EP-MA70 is short of 3 stretching programs. This chair also engulfs an intense massage roller, which is not suitable for owners who don’t fancy deep and intense massaging.

You might have noted that Panasonic chairs mostly befalls in Pure Black synthetic leather. This model comes with an additional Cream White color to yield extra contrasting or matching options with your furniture. Additionally, the arms-rest exterior is made up of shiny wooden material instead of pure synthetic leather, as we have seen in the MA73 model.

One of the most hidden changes you may encounter in this chair is the design of arm airbags. The Panasonic MA70 model has got the plain airbags, whereas the MA73 model enjoys padded or lining textured airbags.

On the Frame side, both chairs are equally valued; however, MA70 manages a guy with a maximum height of 6.2â€. The upper model of this chair has a bit edge on it as it covers up to 6.4feet tall man. The remote controller comes with a whole black casing and gives a more exotic look.


  • Airbags: 33
  • Wattage: 300W
  • Massage Programs: 6 Auto and 6 Manual
  • Weight: 191 lbs
  • Massage Session Length: 15 mins
  • Warranty: 5 Years Parts and 3 Year Labor
Panasonic EP-MA70CX Real Ultra Pro Massage Chair

Why should one buy this?

This Panasonic MA70CX model retains its pride as Top-Selling Model. One who loves the strong massaging and has a strict budget would find this model as classic to fit in his home tech appliances squad.


  • It provides you with Tapping speed controls from 190 cycles/minute to 520 cycles/minutes
  • Comes with a 1080 acupoints scanner
  • The remote controller is awesomely designed which gives you easy access to information about massage settings


  • The arms rest design is not satisfying as your arms are pulled over while the chair reclines

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Shopping tips

Tip #1: 
Consider this chair as an investment. Count the number of massage treatments you book and multiply the cost of a single appointment with a masseuse. You might be able to pay off that Panasonic models faster than you thought.
Tip #2: 
Consider delivery and assembly costs when comparing online and retail store prices.
Tip #3:
 Remove the massage chair from the area in your home designated for it so that you can access wall outlets and do not block traffic.
Tip #4: 
Consider your needs when choosing a chair. Decide a model that prioritizes this area if you suffer from lower back pain.
Tip #5: 
The only way to alleviate your discomfort may be to ask about chair rollers that can be adjusted. Aim for a stroke of 29 inches (or longer) for complete coverage.
Tip #6: 
Panasonic massage chairs without heat won’t satisfy you, so don’t bother looking at them.
Tip #7: 
Use this scale to determine whether a chair provides the incline you desire. The furniture industry recognizes incline degrees that bottom out at 175, which means “nearly flat.”
Tip #8:
 Power is essential in motors. If your first time in a massage chair isn’t intense, you might not want to choose one with a powerful engine.
Tip #9:
 Warranty terms should be as long and comprehensive as possible. Families tend to love these chairs. When something goes wrong, the warranty you get could save your life.
Tip #10: 
There are indeed bargains to be had, especially on Panasonic models that have been around for quite some time. When you can get free delivery and set-up on a new version of an older design, what more could you want?

Best Panasonic Massage Chairs Review 

  • -MAJ7 Real Pro


Although Panasonic has moved its factory setup to china, yet the engineering and design processes are still performed in Osaka, Japan. Thus, are you still on the fence about getting a comprehensive chair for massage? Let me help you to locate a better fit for your purpose
For Great Full Body Massaging Specifically Feet and Shoulders: Panasonic EP-MAJ7 Real Pro
For Average Budget and Optimal Performance: Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro
For Intense Back Massaging and Low Budget: Panasonic EP-MA70CX
Each chair is a master in its domain and department. You must engage with a great sense of which machine suits your purpose. After all, fulfilling your objective is a real satisfaction

Frequently asked questions

How good are Panasonic massage chairs?

Panasonic massage chairs are both high-quality and excellent. They both have several features that set them apart from other massage chairs on the market. Panasonic EP-MA70 massage chair will be a better option if you’re looking for something at a lower price point.

Where is the Panasonic massage chair made?

Chinau003cbru003ePanasonic now manufactures its massage chairs in China, including the Panasonic 30007 and the new ma70. Previously, the 30007 and ma70 were manufactured in Japan, but they are all made in China.

Is Panasonic massage chair made in Japan?

Japanese-made Panasonic and OHCO M. Series models are also available. In Japan, the United States, and worldwide, Japanese massage chairs are the most popular.

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