How To Become Massage Therapist – Detailed Guide 2023

It is an exciting and worth-full career choice to be a massage therapist. You would make a severe difference in your customers’ way both mentally and physically with your anatomical awareness and physical handling skills. It is possible to use massage therapy to relieve stress, alleviate pain and irritation, and improve a person’s overall physical health.

This article will discuss how to become a massage therapist and all about it, like how much it costs to be a massage therapist.

What is it that a massage therapist seems to do?

The massage therapist targets muscle fibers and soft tissue to alleviate body stress and discomfort. They support people in most need of relief from sports accidents, reasonably long term health problems, and general public members who are looking for someone to provide relaxation to them.

Many massage therapists specialise in various forms of massage, including;

  • Baby Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Sports Massage.
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Thai Massage

In a range of environments, like spas and clinics, massage therapists work with employers, and others are self-employed with their very own small local firms. Irrespective of the professional arrangements, massage therapists must be polite and friendly to develop a consistent customer base. Would you want a career that is targeted, above all else, at making people feel good? Start becoming a therapist for massages.

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A step-by-step guide to becoming a massage therapist:

If you are curious about becoming a massage therapist, the requisite steps are described in this section.

Step 1: Earning a Massage Therapy Certificate:

Students must select a course approved by the licensing board of their government. These services also require research and clinical work for nearly 500 hours. Generally, the coursework covers anatomy and physiology, the basics of kinesiology, pathology, and therapeutic ethics.

A training curriculum that includes business finance courses, management, and marketing can be preferred by potential massage therapists who aspire to be self-employed. Educational coursework is supplemented in clinical laboratories by hands-on Experience.

Step 2: Take an internationally Recognized Examination in Massage Therapy:

If you want to become a professionally recognized massage therapist, you have to take specific examinations that are as follows:

  • Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination abbreviated as MBLEx.
  • The Board Certification Exam in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork abbreviated as BCETMB.

The National Certification Board organizes these examinations for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB). The state widely accepts these tests.

As the next move to be a massage therapist, after a student has finished an authorized massage therapy program, they will register to take one of these tests to get their certificate.

Step 3: Application for State Licensing requirements:

So, how can you become an authorized massage therapist? Graduates may apply for a masseuse license following graduating from an approved massage therapy program, achieving 500 hours of preparation in academic and clinical work, and receiving a passing grade on a national test.

Certain jurisdictions allow an applicant to have a certain amount of insurance coverage before they are given a license. Professionals may also verify any new requirements for their jurisdiction, such as if the permit must be shown at the therapist’s workplace.

Step 4: Satisfy requirements for continuing education:

Professionals continue to follow ongoing education standards to keep registration and licenses legitimate. A renewal process that requires verification of 24 continuing education credits and 100 hours of professional Experience would need to be fulfilled by applicants who have taken the BCETMB certification test.

To maintain licenses, individual states often require healthcare professionals to provide evidence of continued education. Essential criteria for course material and the frequency at which they have to be documented varies state by state.

How much is school going to cost you to be a massage therapist?

Although tuition fee can vary significantly for massage therapy schools, it is typically much less than a two- or four-year standard college institution, with some programs as low as $5,000-$7,000. Many classes require between 500 and 1,000 hours of instruction and training. And the more detailed your education is, it’s likely your tuition fee will be greater.

You may want to pay particular attention to the state’s standards where you want to operate to be eligible for a certificate to obtain the appropriate education. Please remember that as a massage therapy student, the fee does not only include the tuition fee.

It will also have the cost of books, equipment, and a massage table. All these services are included in your tuition fee.

How much can you earn as a massage therapist?

How much money is made by massage therapists? That is the question most commonly asked to massage therapists and people interested in being one. Though it may sound like an easy question, the answer is not clear.

A massage therapist’s pay can vary dramatically depending on region, Experience, and the number of customers seen each week. It’s crucial to understand, though, that the more you work, the more and more money you earn.

The statistics:

According to the United States reports and world reports, massage therapy is ranked as the fifth-best healthcare service. The average annual income for massage therapists is about $38,000 a year, says the Department of Labor Statistics. The most significant paid 10% earning is approximately $75,000 annually in the massage therapy profession while the lowest-paid 10% earn less than $19,000.

Considering that therapists who work for themselves and in other departments, the overall hourly pay was $31/hour. Specialist hospitals usually compensate the highest massage therapist salaries. In these hospitals, massage therapists earn an average of $ 55,020 a year.

Salary of a massage therapist Per Minute:

The basic rule of thumb for going to charge for a massage is about one dollar per Minute. When you work by yourself and find your customers, you will make an excellent salary even if you work weekends.

For work well done, many massage therapists often receive service charges. Usually, tips vary from 15 to 20 percent. Though not all customers will pay, and not all employers (clinical offices and wellness health centers) will encourage massage therapists’ gratuitous acceptance.

The key Is Experience

Your expertise and recognition of the abilities you have developed throughout your training and other career development opportunities would be the most significant factor in your average salary. Your willingness to link and maintain your customer base is a strong second thing.

To figure out a little more about your income opportunities, you can contact the Academy of Natural Therapy for a future in massage therapy. The most innovative types of massage therapy are available, so this academy gives the students the best level of education.

To that end, the Academy of Natural Therapy is committed to offering the requisite expertise for learners to provide clients with successful and skilled treatment.

Frequently asked questions

How long would it take to Complete your massage Training?

As a massage therapist, your massage education is by far the essential part of your professional success. Without formal preparation and qualification, you would have very little or no authority or reputation. You would need to select a massage school program and take courses. The great news is that preparing to become a massage therapist, specifically compared to several other health and wellness careers, is incredibly realistic.

How much time can the massage therapy’ school take?

It can take as long as five months to complete a massage therapy school, but it’s not always easy to pick the best school. All good massage therapy services can provide you with the resources you need to get started. Still, there will be many differences in aspects like the method of training, the form of classwork, and the learning environment that will all influence the intensity of your knowledge.
Such considerations will influence various persons to differing degrees. You must know what makes you learn, which prevents your learning from selecting a curriculum that gives you the best educational process possible.
You must also understand what you can about any teachers from the massage school associated with the program. You will know whether or not the curriculum you are studying has qualified, skilled massage school trainers for you to practice from. Your prospects of rapid progress in the program are reliable if you chose a successful program of knowledgeable and enthusiastic guidance.

How committed are you to being a massage therapist?

If you aren’t trying to understand, you will waste all day at school, but not gain knowledge about a single word. It doesn’t take a long time to be a massage therapist, but it takes a genuine effort to be a successful massage therapist.
If you are not prepared to read and study and communicate productively with your massage school professors, it could mean your learning failures. You will work with fitness and well-being as a massage therapist in a very straightforward manner.
How are you working may have as long and many further effects on the physical and emotional comfort of your clients. It would be best if you took your school studies seriously. Otherwise, your teachers will cause your certificate to be postponed

Is a Massage Therapist a promising career?

If you are a self-starter type person, a person who is driven and self-disciplined with an innovative core, it might be perfect for you to choose a career as a professional massage therapist. You will be your supervisor with a job in massage therapy, which allows you the ability to pick your shifts and carry on as much work as you want.
Massage therapy is a beautiful destination for people who want to earn a living while still having time to do the things they love. This makes a job as a massage therapist appealing for people with families.


A massage therapist is a professionally much-accepted profession. These health care providers give a massage to their clients by targeting the body’s soft tissues. In this article, I have explained how to become a massage therapist and all the necessary information that you must know if you are going to become a massage therapist.

Elbert Ryan is a Massage therapist. He Got Professional Massage Training & Certification by Expert Instructors From California. He developed his passion for writing as a massage therapist. He started his writing career about 5 years ago.

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